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Well, worry no more. The United Car Parts is here to solve all of your car problems. Our name is a synonym for best-used automobile parts and services. We understand how difficult it is to cope with an inefficient car. Because your vehicle is the only comfortable medium to take you anywhere you want. Therefore, we are offering the best possible assistance along with excellent performing car parts.

How United Car Parts Is Unique

There are a lot of brands out there who are providing used automobile parts. Then how United Car Parts is different? Smart customers have smart questions. So, we are going to make you familiar with all the facts that help us to be on the top.


This is the foremost aspect that makes us the best out of all the dealers and brands in the United States. They are taking orders and providing the inventory required and that is it. But we at United Car Parts, have a smart and convenient procedure that gives the customers complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

  • Help Desk – First of all, our help desk employee will talk to you about your car, its needs and your expectations. For example, how many years old engine will do for you, warranty period, mileage etc.
  • Redirection – Then in the second step, the employee will redirect you to the respective department of the car part you need. Once you connect with our sales and mechanical executive, they will give you all the options according to your needs. You can choose the one that you find perfect and give us a thumbs up.
  • Testing – After completing the order, your role will be just to wait and we will handle everything else. Now the car part you have chosen will be tested again by our mechanical department before going out for delivery. The parts we have already tested by efficient manufacturers but we test them again to ensure longevity and impeccable performance.
  • Mechanical Assistance – We do not just provide used car parts but also a mechanic to install that part in your car. It frees the customer from any additional headaches. You can order and be done with it in no time. Your car will be on the roads again with the help of our hassle-free services.
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Our other feature is the pocket-friendly offers and discounts we have for our customers even those who need luxury brand parts like used Oldsmobile car engines. Although car enthusiasts do not focus on saving money when it comes to their cars nobody says no to money. Therefore, we provide offers that do not just satisfy your cars but also your pockets.

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Choose the suitable transmission for your car’s specific need and get it delivered near at hand as early as possible.

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Other Car Parts

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The United Car Parts is one of the top spots that has skyrocketing goodwill whether it comes to the best quality automobile parts, assistance or delivery services. We never disappoint.

Additional Assistance

We take pride in providing additional assistance to our customers. Our motto is to give you the best car driving experience and to take care of your car. So, we do not just provide used car parts and accessories but also some smart tips to increase the performance and longevity of your car.

About Oldsmobile Brand

General Motors produced Oldsmobile cars for the majority of their period. Oldsmobile brand is one of the oldest car brands. It was established in 1897 by Ransom E. Olds. They have manufactured 35.2 million cars in their 107 years. One of the best milestones achieved by Oldsmobile was inventing the very first turbocharged engine and a factory water injection system. Due to such popularity and high-tech engine buildings, it is very difficult to find excellent used Oldsmobile car engines. But this is United Car Parts we are talking about. So. car brand or their parts are impossible for us to fetch. There are all the types of used Oldsmobile car engines that we have in our stock.

  • Rocket V8
  • Rocket 88
  • Oldsmobile V8
  • Oldsmobile 350 V8
  • Oldsmobile 455 V8
  • Oldsmobile Quad 4
  • Oldsmobile Aurora V8

In addition to that, we are frequently asked this question how to identify my Oldsmobile engine? The answer is very simple. At the front of the engine where the oil filler tube is present, you will find a big cast letter and a casting number on the engine. For example, an F is 455 V8 and a G is a 400 V8.

Accessories and Their Role

Car accessories are as important as the car itself. One can not ignore them at any cost. Therefore, we at United Car Parts are not only going to provide used Oldsmobile car engines for your roaring Oldsmobile but also all the top-tier accessories to step up the car game. Because Keeping the old money alive by showcasing some real, impeccable, scalable and noticeable accessories is the real flex. So, Contact us anytime as our team works round-the-clock for your car’s well-being.